Classic Split Face Travertine
Silver Split Face Travertine
Mixed Color Split Face Travertine
Black Split Face Marble
Yellow Split Face Travertine
Philadelphia Split Face Travertine
Rustic Split Face Travertine
Classic Tumbled Split Face Travertin...
Silver Splitface


Spltiface means a geometrice shaped natural stone like marble or travertine is split two pieces with a big machine power and gained a indented and beautiful surface to be used as wall decorations. Splitface stone is also called stacked stone and widely used for house or office wall decorations. We can produce marble and travertine splitface stones with any color or design you want. These splitface tiles can be big enough to use seperatley or small to be used for mosaic models. We can bring these natural stone splitface tiles or mosaics to your port or your door. Just get in touch with us if you want to know more about our economic marble and travertine splitface stone mosaics.